Cyber Seizure » Cyber Seizure Awareness Project

this information is posted on a kiosk at Harvard’s Berkman Island. I’d be very interested in contacting someone involved with writing this material. thanks 🙂

Cyber Seizure » Cyber Seizure Awareness Project

Who we are:

We are a group of Harvard University students who would like for you to be aware of you rights or limited rights in Second Life.

What we believe:

We believe the intent of Linden Lab’s Terms of Service is to protect the virtual reality environment created for the enjoyment and creativity of SecondLife citizens and ensure operating policies that stabilize that environment to the greatest degree possible. Like all corporations, Linden Labs must also protect their corporation and limit potential liabilities to the fullest extent of the law.


One Response to “Cyber Seizure » Cyber Seizure Awareness Project”

  1. SLJustice Says:

    Dedicated to virtual freedoms.


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