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News & information: Dispute resolution– in a virtual world

September 26, 2007

News & information: Dispute resolution– in a virtual world
July 03, 2007
Dispute resolution– in a virtual world

University of Dayton law professor Andrea Seielstad’s students have worn Daisy Duke shorts, clown feet, a mullet and a fox costume to some classes. Surprisingly, the garb has not been a distraction and has fostered better discussions and legal skills.


YouTube – E-justice Centre

August 9, 2007

YouTube – E-justice Centre

 This longish video gives a tour of the new E-Justice Centre created by the Ministério da Justiça português (Portuguese Minstry of Justice); with faculty from  Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. The centre offers mediation/arbitration services overseen by the ADR Lab of Lisbon New University law faculty, available to all avatars in Second Life to resolve contract disputes. Bilingual (Portuguese and English). Video tour includes a walkthrough of the mediation process.